Did you know that dental practices lose around 50% of their sales pipeline before the sales conversation even happens? That’s why dentists are investing more money in lead generation strategies to reduce sales losses. Lead generation ideas have no boundaries, especially for dental practices who are looking for creative ways to generate new leads every day. Here are some personal favourite lead generation ideas…

1) Create an eBook

I get it – you want people’s pain points and questions answered straightaway! It’s completely understandable that you want your prospective patients to have all of their questions about cosmetic or general dentistry answered right away, but generating this information isn’t easy. This is where creating an eBook comes into play. Try researching what kind of information prospective patients are looking for – this could be a long list. Once you’ve compiled your list, start researching topics and writing down as many ideas as you can on each topic. Writing an eBook is a great lead generation technique because it’s highly targeted and relatively simple to do.

2) Run a series of free webinars

A dental webinar is similar to an online seminar where you talk to participants about the different types of procedures offered in your practice or answer any questions they might have regarding their treatment options available at your practice; kind of like holding office hours virtually! Webinars are also known for getting buyers to sign up for future services (i.e., check-ups). Once you run the webinar, make sure that you follow up with attendees by sending email invitations to future webinars or giving them information on how they can find more information/become an actual patient. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some fantastic dental webinar tools that can help streamline the process for you.

3) Update your website daily

Updating your website daily is a great lead generation idea because it keeps search engines like Google coming back to your site every day. So, what should you include? You could share news about upcoming events at your practice, new services offered in your office or even articles on recent trends in the dental industry…

4) Offer monthly newsletters

Just like updating your website daily, sending out a dental newsletter is another great lead generation idea that gets your practice into the sales pipeline faster. A newsletter is a simple tool that helps to build trust between you and your patients, as well as reminds them of the services available at your practice. In order for this lead generation idea to be successful, make sure that you’re sending out valuable content i.e., tips or tricks on how they can improve their dental health.

I hope these four lead generation ideas help you! Remember, good sales funnels start with an excellent sales team combined with great sales tools. At Dentist Axis, we offer sales automation solutions which will help get your sales funnel moving in the right direction; even if there’s no sales team involved yet. We’ve helped many dentists achieve more sales via marketing automation. Visit Dentist Axis to find out more about out sales funnel for dentist, dental marketing automation and many more.